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Friday, March 13, 2020

Student Releases: 

Seniors, if you are interested in auditioning for this year's graduation speech, see Mr. Renner for instructions and an application.  Go to room C103 on Monday, March 16th during either lunch or after school.

Boys Basketball will be having a meeting Monday, March 16th at 1:35 pm outside the main gym to go over Spring Conditioning and Summer Schedule.

Ag/Science Juniors:  Your project proposals are due next Wednesday, March 18.  Instructions are in the green packet and on Edmodo.  To join the Edmodo group use the access code in the green packet.  Any questions contact Mr. Woodward.  Thank you!

Pre-Medical Youth Conference (PMYC) is a free event consisting of informative worshops and inspiring guest speakers tailored for high school students aspiring to go to medical school.  Get the opportunity to speak to a medical student and doctor in person learn about the timeline for applying to medical school and learn about other medicine related experiences.  This event will be held on Saturday, April 11, 2020 at UC Davis from 9:00 am-4:30 pm.  Lunch will be provided.  We are pleased to inform you that we have modified our workshops to be interactive and more hands-on to continue making this event interesting and memorable for students.  We will be continuing our suture workshop where students will learn how to perform sutures on a banana.  Furthermore, we will have a workshop where students will learn how to take vitals (blood pressure heart rate, and respiratory rate).  In addition, attendees will have a networking opportunity with various passionate professionals in the field of medicine.  Link to PMYC 2020 Application: Deadline to apply is March 12. 2020.

The Chicano Latino Youth Leadership Project offers various leaderships programs to develop student's political and cultural awareness and prepare for college.  Students have a unique opportunity to connect with education, business political and community leaders and receive encouragement in their pursuit of post-secondary educational opportunities. You could spend one week at Sac State University at the Statewide Leadership Conference, or 3 days in Fresno for the Central Valley Institute June 26-June 28, 2020.  Open to sophomores and juniors only.  For detailed information and to apply visit Deadline to apply is April 5th!  

SJ County Summer Youth Leadership Academy- applications for the 20th SJ County Justice System Youth Leadership Academy are now  The program, which runs from June 08-July 10, 2020, will provide students with the opportunity to experience the justice system in action while developing personal and professional skills.  It is an exciting and engaging five week summer program.  Leadership skills are developed through a highly interactive curriculum that typical includes:  classroom instruction by justice system professionals; career and leadership development resources; field trips and hands-on learning experiences that will appeal to students of all academic backgrounds and interest.  Students will also have the opportunity to observe live court.  All high school students are invited to apply to May 25th; regardless of academic background and experience.

UC Davis Young Scholars Program:  is a summer residential research program designed to expose approximately 40 high achieving high school students to the world of original research in the natural sciences with emphasis on the biological, environmental and agricultural sciences.  To be eligible for the summer of 2020, students must be currently enrolled as sophomores or juniors in high school and be rising juniors or rising seniors during the program summer.  Selected on the basis of a competitive application, successful applicants will reside in university dormitories from June 21 to August 1, 2020.  Participants in the 2020 UC Davis Young Scholars Program will work one-on-one with research faculty and research groups in state of the art laboratories for six weeks.  Each student will work on a individual project and prepare a journal quality paper and symposium presentation about their work.  In addition to scientific research, the UC Davis Young Scholars Program strives to introduce participants to the climate and culture of living and working on a university campus.  Participants will enjoy weekend field trips to points of interest throughout Northern California, lectures on current issues i scientific research and opportunities to work and live with other talented students with similar interests.  Staff make every effort to model the experiences that participants will have during their first years of college.  Additional information, online application materials, and information about application and participation fees are available at the program we site

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March-April Deadlines.  Stockton Unified School District Scholarship Catalog $500 and up.  Several scholarships open to high school students residing in San Joaquin County graduating in May/June 2020.

03.13.20 Deadline.  Tracy Tank Town Lions-Applications available in your school's Career Center.  4 @ $500.  Graduating senior that intends to enroll at an accredited community college or 4 year University or trade school program.  Awards will be base on community service, leadership and academic achievement.  Two letters of reference , 500 word persuasive essay on "Why should people serve their community".

03.14.20 Deadline.  NDTA- National Defense Transportation Association of San Joaquin County.  Applications available in your school's Career Center.  $500-$1,500.  Graduating high school senior who plans to attend a vocational/trade school or a 2 yr.or 4 yr. college/university.  NDTA focuses on assistance in the Transportation Education and /or logistics related field.  If you are interested in any of the following fields, please consider applying for this scholarship:  communications, industry marketing, sales, advertising, management, accounting, finance, data entry, health care, security mechanics, computer technicians specialists in all odes of transportation including those who build trucks, planes, ships, rail cars.  Also includes, logisticians, dispatchers, warehouse person, load planners, drivers, pilots, seamen, teachers, civil engineers, road construction, air traffic controllers.

03.15.20 Deadline.  First Unitarian Universalist Church in Stockton-Robert E. Green Memorial Scholarship.  Award amount is $800.  Copies available in your school's Career Center.  Graduating senior attending an accredited college/university, involvement in community service and student activities 2 letters of recommendation required.

03.15.20 Deadline.  PHCS-Portuguese Historical and Cultural Society  Award amount is $500-$2,000.  Graduating senior of Portuguese decent, plans to attend a college or University in Fall of 2020.  GPA of 3.5 or better , copy of official transcript, letter of recommendation essay regarding the applicant's Portuguese community involvement and the impact of the applicant's Portuguese heritage and culture on their lives. List extra-curricular activities leadership, experience, work experience past or present.

03.15.20  Deadline.  Italian Catholic Federation  $400  Must be a Catholic graduating senior of Italian descent who has at least a 3.2 GPA.  Provide a personal letter-explaining applicant’s Italian origin, copy of a transcript, letter of recommendation from a school official.

03.16.20  Deadline.  The Nijagal Family Scholarship.  Electronic or paper applications available only.  Four awards up to $750.  Open to graduating THS seniors who plan to attend a CSU or UC in the fall of 2020.  Undergraduate degree programs eligible for scholarships include Medical Science, Engineering, Computer Science, Law or Performing Arts.  In addition, students pursuing the Associated Degree Programs are also eligible for scholarship.  Must have taken advanced courses all four years in high school.  GPA of 3.5 or above.  Excellent attendance, no referrals, no Saturday School, or no expulsions.  Submit a 200 word essay explaining your goals and how you value education in your career plan.  What are your plans in motivating others to take up education beyond high school?    Two (2) letters of recommendation from your teacher and letter(s) of recommendation demonstrating community service and copy of unofficial transcript.

03.20.20 Deadline.  Rotary Club of Tracy-Applications available in your school's Career Center.  Award amount up to $2,000.  Graduating senior who intends to enroll in a Junior College or 4 yr. College or University, trade/vocational school in the fall of 2020.  Copy of unofficial transcript, letters of recommendation from a Teacher, Counselor or community leader.  Application and supporting documents are to be completed and returned to your Career Center by 3:00 pm on the due date.

03.21.20 Deadline.  L.D.T.-Legionarios Del Trabajo in America Inc.  Copy available I your school's Career Center.  Award amount 6 @ $500.  Graduation senior of Filipino heritage.  Planning to pursue a higher education, GPA of 3.5 or above copy of official transcript printout of FAFSA EFC report.

03.24.20 Deadline.  Quest Bridge National Prep Scholarship Full four-year scholarships.  Open to high school Juniors.  Must demonstrate academic excellence, rank in the top 5-10% of your class.  Come from households earning less that $65,000 annually for a typical family of four.  This program is specifically designed to give 11th graders the preparation they need to not only to get into tip colleges, but attend for free or with generous financial aid.

03.31.2020 Deadline.  Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation Award amount $1,000.  Graduating college bound senior.  Based on financial need, academic achievement, and community involvement.  GPA of 3.0 or above, copy of official transcript, 2 letters of recommendation and describe your academic and career plans with specific goals.

03.31.20 Deadline.  Tracy Historical Museum/West Side Pioneer Association – Applications available in your school’s Career Center, 3 @ $500, graduating seniors planning to attend a 2 year or a 4 year college with a demonstrated interest in local Tracy History.  Essay on Tracy History.

04.01.20 Deadline.  The South Side Community Organization of Tracy.  Applications available on the THS website.  Award amount $500.  Senior planning to enroll full time at a 2 yr. Community College or a 4 yr.  College/university or a Vocation/Trade school in the fall of 2020.  GPA of 2.0-3.0 or above (depends on scholarship category you select).  Copy of transcript.

04.30.20 Deadline.  Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Edward Teller Scholarship.  Applications available at your school's Career Center.  Award amount $2,500.  Graduating senior who plans to attend an accredited College or University in Fall of 2020.  Demonstrate science course work in high school.  Achievement in extra-curricular science activities such as science fairs, independent research, etc.   Write essay of 350 words or less answering he following questions "Why I believe I should receive the Edward Teller Scholarship for my achievements in science."

05.01.20 Deadline.  Arata Swingle Van Egmond & Heitlinger Law Offices.  Award amount is $1,000.  Graduating senior, college bound, GPA of 3.0 or above , copy of transcript.  Essay detailing how you have and/ or plan to apply your undergraduate education and life experience to provide a service to a community or class of individuals.  Please visit website for full application requirements. 

04.01.20 Deadline.  Gene Birk's Brighter Christmas Scholarship  Award Amount up to $1,000.  Graduating senior, college bound must have volunteered to help with Brighter Christmas at least 3 years or longer.  Other considerations will be based on community and school activities and financial need.  Scholarships are also offered to Senior whose family has received help from "Brighter Christmas" in the last 3 years.

04.01.20 Deadline.  Give Every Child a Chance Service Challenge Scholarship  Copy also available in your school's Career Center.  $250-$1,000. Open to Give Every Child A Chance volunteer graduating this year.  Volunteer service does not have to serve within the tutoring component.  Must have contributed at least 100 hours (non-school) of community service within the past four years of high school.  (Not all hours need to be served at GECAC).  Letters of proof are required from the organization(s) that you completed community service.

04.01.20 Deadline.  THS L.B. Moore Social Studies Scholarship.  Open to Tracy High School seniors, copies available in Room 112, 3 & $1,000, college bound, GPA of 2.5 or higher and received an A or B grade for both semesters for two of the three required Social Studies courses.  Write a 200-300 word essay on how the study of history/social studies has impacted you.

04.01.20 Deadline.  Friedburger Education Fund.  Copy available in your school's Career Center.  Amount will be announced at time of interview.  Senior planning to continue higher education at a Community College or a University or Technical/Vocational school in California.  Must demonstrate outstanding character traits, demonstrate leadership qualities, demonstrate need for financial assistance and evidence of concern for others through public service.  Copy of transcript personal statement, copy of financial aid being received by institutions or by other agencies and/or organizations.

04.03.20 Deadline.  Icardi Memorial Scholarship-$500.  Open to a graduating Tracy High School senior college bound.  Must demonstrate leadership qualities.  This would include participation in community, religious or service organizations.  Actively participated in athletics employed or worked on a part-time basis during high school or summer vacation.  Cumulative GPA of at least a 3.2 on a 4.0 scale.  Applications available in Room A112.

04.06.20 Deadline.  Tom Hawkins Girls Basketball Memorial Scholarship.  Open to a THS graduating senior.  Applications available in Room 112.  Amount of award is $500.  Graduating senior female basketball athlete that has played for 2 years or more.  Planning to attend a 2 yr. college or 4 yr. university or vocational/trade school in the fall of 2020.  GPA of 2.8 or better, , demonstrate leadership qualities financial need.  Write about your career and educational goals and why basketball was important to you.

04.07.20 Deadline.  Brock Soares Memorial Scholarship-$500.  Open to a graduating Tracy High School senior, 4 yr. member of the THS Cheer or THS Dance Team.  GPA of 2.5 or above, essay, and 2 letters of recommendation.  Applications available in Room A112.

04.08.20 Deadline.  Dr. S. Sachdeva and Mr. M. Singh Scholarship Award.  2 @$500.  Open to a Tracy High graduating senior planning to attend a 2 yr. Jr. College or a 4 yr. University in the fall of 2020.  Applications available in Room A112.  GPA of 4.0 or above.  Must have taken IB classes, essay describing your financial hardship and how this scholarship will help you.  Copy of unofficial transcript, interview maybe requested.

04.09.20 Deadline.  Richard T. Lent Memorial Scholarship -2 @ $1,000.  Open to graduating Tracy High School senior, college bound GPA of 3.0 or better, planning to major in engineering of computer science.  Write a one page essay on "Why do you believe you should receive recognition for achievement in Computer Science or Engineering?".  One letter of recommendation from a faculty member, copy of unofficial transcript.  Applications available in Room A112.

04.09.20 Deadline.  Susan M. Lent Memorial Scholarship-2@ 1,000.  Open to graduating Tracy High School senior college bound, GPA of 3.0 or better just be planning to pursue a teaching vocation.  Autobiographical essay including reasons for choosing a teaching profession, citizenship qualities, one letter of recommendation from a faculty member, copy of unofficial transcript.  Applications available in Room A112.

04.10.20 Deadline.  Tracy Breakfast Lions Dennis Noble Scholarship Award.  Applications available on the THS websire.  Award amount 7 @ $1000.  Graduation senior who intends to enroll in a 2 yr.  Community College or 4 yr. College/University.  Sopy of transcript, an essay of approximately 500 words on "What does Community Service Mean to me?"  2 letters of reference.

04.10.20 Deadline.  Carol Phan Memorial Scholarship  $1,000.  Must be a Tracy High Senior that has been enrolled in the IB or Ag Science Programs and has been accepted or plans to attend a 4 yr. University.  GPA of 3.50 or higher.  Essay required.

04.12.20 Deadline.  Don & Roy Splawn Charitable Scholarship Foundation .  $1,000.  Graduation senior, college bound.  Students who have extraordinary circumstances in their lives as well as students who may not have the chance to attend college without financial assistance are encouraged to apply.  SPA of 2.6 or above, copy of transcript, letter of recommendation.

04.15.20 Deadline.  Association of Filipino Americans.  Applications available in your school's Career Center.  Award amount 5 @ $500.  Graduating senior of Filipino ancestry pursuing a higher education, especially in the field of education but not mandatory.  List community service involvement, awards, honors, etc.  Include print out of your FAFSA Application.

04.15.20 Deadline.  Horatio Alger Association Scholarship Award amount $2,500.  Graduating senior seeking to pursue a career or technical education in an post-secondary environment, demonstrate financial need, be a US ciizen, be enrolled in a 2 year or less career or technical degree/certificate program in Fall.

04.15.20 Deadline.  SJCWA-San Joaquin Chapter of California Women for Agriculture.  Applications available in your school's Career Center.  Award amount:  $500-planning to attend a Junior College-$1,00-planning to attend a 4 yr. University.  Graduation seniors planning to major in Agriculture in California.  Two letters of recommendation and essay required

04.15.20 Deadline.  Tracy Veteran's of Foreign Wars.  Copy available inn your school's Career Center.  Award amount 2 2 $500.  Graduating senior entering the military after graduation or senior who will be attending college and who has relative (s) that have served their country in the Military.  Copy of transcript, letters of recommendation personal statement of goals and proof of family member's military service.

04.20.20 Deadline.  Wanda Sullivan Community Service Scholarship.  Copy available in your school's Career Center.  Award amount $1,000.  Graduating senior college bound GPA of 3.0 member of Boys and Girls Club.  This scholarship focuses on Community Service as the primary criteria.  Write a short one page essay on "How this scholarship will help you achieve your goals".  Copy of unofficial transcript.

04.20.20 Deadline.  George P. Stein Vocational Scholarship.  Copy available in your school's Career Center.  Award amount $1,000.  Graduation senior with a 2.5 or better.  Must be going into a vocational field such as an auto mechanic culinary arts firefighter, nurse, etc.  Short one page essay on "How this scholarship will help you achieve your goals".  Copy of unofficial transcript.

04.20.20 Deadline.  Dr. Jack Sjolin Health Profession Scholarship.  Copy available in your school's Career Center.   Award amount 41,000.  Graduation senior with a 3.0 GPA or better with a desire to help mankind in a Health related field.  Essay on "How this scholarship will help achieve your goals in a health related career".  Copy of unofficial transcript.

04.22.20 Deadline.  2020 Student View Scholarship Program. Award amount $500-$5,000.  Seniors who plan to attend a four-year college, 2yr. junior college or Career school.

04.30.20 Deadline.  "Review It" Scholarship $1,000.  Graduating senior, planning to attend a college or university no later than September of 2020.  Achieved a 2.5 or greater during last academic year.  Submit a review of your favorite movie.

05.31.20 Deadline.  LM Scholarship $500.  Graduating senior, college bound have a GPA of 3.0 or higher and a US resident.  Essay topic:  Write an essay about a situation you have been involved in or someone you know has been involved in when better safety procedures would have prevented an injury.  Explain in detail how they would have prevented the injury.

05.31.20 Deadline.  Community Foundation of San Joaquin  These scholarships are for High School seniors in San Joaquin County, and there is a scholarship specifically for Tracy High School.  This year we have over $30,000 in scholarships to award.  Visit website and view scholarships eligibility requirements for each unique scholarship and apply now.