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Club Paperwork & Procedures

Procedures & Paperwork for Clubs at THS

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Facility Request

In order to use a facility at THS, the advisor must work with the Club President to formally request the location at the following website. If there are any issues in requesting a facility, please email Tara Nelson who is in charge of facilities.

To view and create Use of Facilities, please click HERE!

Fundraising Request (Examples & Templates Below)

In order to hold a fundraiser on campus, you must complete a Fundraiser request Form for formal approval. You are not allowed to hold a fundraiser unless this approval process has been completed. If the fundraiser is done with approval, the funds raised will go into the general ASB Fund and not be allocated to the specific club that held the event. Please allow up to tow weeks for approval. 

Please note: there are board policies in place at the district level that restrict our fundraiser activity and these policies must be followed accordingly. 

Purchase order Request (Examples & Templates Below)

In order to make a class, club, or sport purchase or expense, you must complete a Purchase Order request Form for formal approval. You are not allowed to expend money without formal approval from the bookkeeper, ASB, Activities Director, & Principal. Please allow up to tow weeks for approval. 

Typical ASB approval process is as follows: 

  1. Paperwork Submitted to ASB Bookkeeper on Mondays AT LEAST 1 week prior to approvals (ie: Something requiring approval on 8/25 should be submitted on 8/15) to ensure no delays. 
  2. ASB Approvals are held on Thursdays of each week. 
  3. ASB submits approval of activity requests, Purchase Orders, and check approvals to the principal for FINAL approval no later than the following business day. 
  4. FINAL approval from the principal at the earliest convenience. 
  5. The bookkeeper provides final notice of approval.

Club Paperwork (Click Links Below)