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Club Charter Application


Every club on campus must have an updated Constitution at the start of each school year with a completed approval officer form. A hard copy of an update Constitution along with the officer form must be given to the ASB Bookkeeper. A digital copy of the Constitution must be submitted using the link above.

A club that has been inactive for 18 months will be dissolved and removed from the accounts with the ASB Bookkeeper. 

To create a club, these are the following items needed: Adult Advisor, Mission Statement embedded into the Constitution as to the inclusive nature of the club at THS, Constitution. These items must be turned into the Activities Director for formal approval and then sent to the Principal for final approval of establishment. A club must be formally approved to participate in Club Rush, have meetings, hold fundraisers, and more. 

Please use the following link to fill out a Club Application for this school year! If you do not complete this form in its entirety or do not follow the proper guidelines, your club may be denied a charter until properly filled out!

Note: All applications for club charter must be received by the Activities Director and given approval from the student council and principal before formal operations may begin. This form will constitute the above requirements and is due no later than 8/18/22 by 11:59PM if your club is looking to be a part of Club Rush Week.


Step 1: 

Create a Club Constitution and attach it to the Application Form. (There are examples and directions in the Application below if you need assistance!)

Step 2: 

Click here  to complete this Application Form (You will need to use your SCHOOL EMAIL)

Step 3: Join the REMIND for club announcments all year long! Text @thsclubp to 81010 to sign up!